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Partying it Up for St. Patty?

By Vania Andre

Here are three helpful hangover cures


St. Patrick’s Day is one of the few holidays that leave many of us in a debilitating stupor the next day. Bars and streets will be filled with people donning green and “celebrating” all day. If you find yourself miserably hung-over the next day, follow these tips to ease your pain.


Tomato Juice
Drink a glass of tomato juice to flush the toxins from your body. The fructose in tomato juice accelerates your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol. Tomatoes are also a good source of Vitamin C – a great antioxidant which helps break down alcohol.


Eating a bar of chocolate will replenish the amino acids you lost because of alcohol. Chocolate is also high in caffeine, which is an active ingredient in painkillers and may alleviate some discomfort.


Alcohol dehydrates your body. Drinking Gatorade throughout the day will replace vital electrolytes your body lost and help relieve a headache.


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Photo Credit : Piyaphantawong