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We Asked, You Answered: Amour Creole Readers on Parenting

Bullying Ahead

Should parents be held accountable (prosecuted) along with their child for bullying another child if it leads to a violent act like suicide?


Amour Creole Readers on Parenting


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A year in a New York minute: Knicks star auctions photos for charity

New York Knicks star Tyson Chandler unveiled and auctioned off his exclusive photography in Chelsea this past September. The showcase, A Year in a New York Minute, featured 16 photos Chandler shot that encapsulated his year; including his trip to Africa. Proceeds from the auctions were donated to UNICEF.


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2012 Miami Carnival



2012 Miami CarnivalThousands of Caribbean Americans made their way to Florida this past week for the 4th Annual Miami Broward One Carnival at Sun Life Stadium on Oct. 7. People from all over the Caribbean region were represented at the annual festivities.


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Proud to be Haitian

Proud to be HaitianOnce the victims of prejudice and stereotyping, Haitians today are thriving in school and careers
When Martine Charles started high school 15 years ago in a predominantly Caribbean community in Queens, she anticipated typical teenage angst like tests, homework and boys. She least expected bullying and teasing by students she thought were just like her.

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