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‘Oprahtizing’ Women’s Issues in Haiti


Actress Maria Bello saysshe’s pissed. She’s an activist and humanitarian whose charitable focusis Haiti.


“We were pissed off that the women’s groups [in Haiti], who were most organized, weren’t getting the access and funding they deserved,” she said at the Social Good Summit on Sunday. Bello wants to “Oprahtize” Haiti, meaning she wants to discuss important women’s topics and facts much like Oprah has done in America.


Her first step was creating We Advance University, a weband mobile site dedicated to educating Haitian women on everything from hygiene to cooking. The site also helps bring together local women’s groups in remote areas. Woman can use the site for local services or to simply ask for help.


For example, a woman can learn that just miles away from where she lives is a Red Cross that offers rape tests and a lawyer who can file rape-charges with local officials, Bello explained.


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