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Creole: Outdated Relic or Proud Heritage?

By Vania Andre

  • Titi

    Rinchiere should be fired from his paramedic position, if someone calls him in distress speaking Creole, you mean to tell me he wont help that person?
    so t his man lets Haitians die rather than help them because they speak Creole. that goes beyond being “wont” this man has serious mental problems.

  • FanmBel

    I think you are missing the point of the story. don’t be so quick to past judgement without understand the whole point of the story. Rinchiere is explaining about what a lot of us had to go through back in the 80s, unless you actually went through it you will not understand. I completely understand where he is coming from because i felt like that many time during those dark days.

  • Elsie Philippe

    I lave en the bahamas,wereken I fine a corpee!