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Are You My Husband? CHAPTER 3: Did He Call?!

In our last issue, Husband Hunter tossed back drinks with her latest flame, a hot-shot ad man angling to become a U.S. diplomat. A week later, Diplomat still hadn’t rung her for date #2. She wondered if her offer to drive him home was to blame. The rotting broccoli stinking her pickup truck during their drive may not have come across as sexy.   Read More


3 Ways technology may be ruining your relationship

Technology and social media are integrated into our daily routines. With this taking such a considerable part of our lives, one can’t help but ask, “How does this affect my relationships?” While some may think it’s a silly question, for many, social media and technology can play an integral part in what wrong with their relationships. Here are a few ways techn   Read More


Just Engaged!3 ways to prepare your money for the big day

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, many women have found themselves living a dream – their significant others finally popped the big question. But, after the joy and excitement has settled down and all the congratulations have been given, reality sets in; there’s a wedding to pay for.     Paying for a wedding can be a daunting task; especially if you have   Read More


It’s not gas: 5 symptoms you should never ignore

Often times we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we trivialize pains we may feel or simply attribute any discomfort to gas or indigestion. While there are cases where that chilli dog you had at lunch may very well be the cause of that gnawing pain in your abdomen, there are times it may be something a little more serious. Here are five symptoms you should never   Read More


Online flirting: Is it cheating?

There’s a fine line between cheating and flirting. Boundaries between the two vary from couple to couple. There are always discussions about what’s considered cheating and what’s not. However, in today’s day and age, there’s one particular issue that falls in a gray area; online flirting.     Eighty-two percent of women believe online flirting is a   Read More


How To Attract the Right Mate

Of course you can end up blissfully happy with your ideal love match, but first, you may need to change a few things. Amour Creole has a few tips to help you evolve to a better you:     Rule 1: Empower yourself Surround yourself with positive images of your ideal self. Whether hoping for greater career success, a happier family life or achieving any other dr   Read More


Are You My Husband? CHAPTER 2: Mousse Application STAT

In our last issue, Husband Hunter preps for a first date with her latest flame, a hot-shot ad man angling to become a U.S. diplomat. Now she’s (nearly) ready to meet her husband. Well, potential husband…. Chapter 1     I slide through the doorway of a sleek bar in the heart of Little Italy. No sign of him. Not that I necessarily would spot   Read More


CHAPTER 1: 15 Minutes to Meet My Husband and I Don’t Have Hair Mousse

Friday afternoon in an Italian café and I’m under deadline. Sweaty, over-caffeinated, undernourished and dying for booze – the basic profile of any news reporter.     I type the last sentences of an article for a local paper, hit send on the email and the story is whisked off to web-world where it will land on my editor’s desk miles away from this coz   Read More


Practically Free Date Ideas

We know times have been tough lately and you may want to sweep that special lady off her feet without draining your bank account, so the Amour Creole ladies are sharing their all-time favorite dates – that barely cost a dime.     Go kite flying. Wake up to a sunrise date — bring coffee and bagels and drive to a scenic spot in the dark. Have a scary m   Read More


Tidy men get more sex

Research shows that men who do housework have happier love lives Who would have ever imagined that keeping a tidy house could help give couples that extra kick in the bedroom?     Research suggests that husbands who vacuum, dust and sweep are happier, healthier, have better sex lives, and are much more likely to stay married.   Scientists hoping to unco   Read More