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5 Steps to Prettier Feet

Cracking, dry skin, bunions, canker sores and other unsightly blemishes can make you want to permanently glue your socks on. Try these 5 easy steps to get prettier feet, and show off your tootsies with pride.           1) Prep your toenails. There’s no better way to revive and refresh nails than with a new polish. Prep for your new color by   Read More


Simple Tricks to Look Bright-Eyed

There’s nothing worse than having to start your day without enough sleep the night before, except perhaps having to start your day with a pair of unsightly dark circles under your eyes. Fortunately, with a few quick and painless makeup tricks, you can banish dark circles and look as if you woke up refreshed from a full night of shut-eye. Try these simple tricks to h   Read More


The road to a more beautiful you!

Amour Creole wants to hear from you! We encourage our readers to always strive to be the best versions of themselves, and we want to help!   Let us help you reveal your most beautiful skin.   Leave us a comment at the end of this story explaining your skin type – simply answer the questions we posed below. In the next weeks, our beauty experts will tailor   Read More


Sneaky strategies for a soft smooch

Unexpected household products help heal a dry pucker.   The key to soft, kissable lips are keeping them moisturized. However, in the dead of winter it can be tricky to keep your lips supple. Chapped lips from the harsh winter wind hurt, peel and aren’t great to look at. Here are three common household items you can use to help this winter.     Olive O   Read More


Supple Winter Skin Can Be Yours

Battling dry skin during the winter season can be stressful and expensive. So Amour Creole is here to help you find the right moisturizer and give you some money-saving tips.     Low Humidity, stronger winds and of course, low temperatures are the reasons we struggle with dry skin all winter long, and not only is dry skin unsightly, but dry skin is prone to   Read More


Is Sunscreen Really Necessary?

Dark-skinned people are more likely to die from skin cancer because the cancers are often not caught until the later stages of growth and are typically more aggressive, which leads to disproportionately more deaths among minority populations, according to research from the University of Cincinnati.       Read More


Money-Saving Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Check out a few of our favorite home remedies to keep skin supple and smooth all winter long.     Keep showers short. Don’t completely dry your skin after showering and always pat dry. Apply facial moisturizer and body lotion immediately after showering. Add essential oils to bath and body lotion i.e. vegetable, olive, sunflower and almond oil. Do take   Read More


Shades for Spring!

The hottest, newest nail trends for spring are here – from a funky, shattered polish by Katy Perry to a lovely nude by Deborah Lippman     Shattered Nails The Katy Perry Collection by OPI includes four new, funky shades plus Black Shatter, which gives nails a crackled appearance after it’s applied over a solid base coat. Perry’s other new shades includ   Read More


Dark hair roots and light ends make for “just back from the beach” hair

Ombré highlights, a trend that drew a huge following last year due to its natural “beachy” look and low maintenance upkeep, is still holding its appeal.     Traditionally associated with blonde hair, being a method to subtly lighten the tips of the hair without a brassy or more obvious “highlighted” look, the ombré effect can be updated by playing   Read More


Color block trend calls for double colors and likely a double-take

Do away with the smoky eyes and come to the brighter, bolder side with summer’s new makeup trend – color blocking.     Color blocking is a term usually reserved for pairing bright, solid colors in clothing, but this summer, color blocking has traveled from models bodies and is now painted across their eyes and lips.   Amour Creole will show you   Read More