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Amour Creole Affiliate Program

We are looking to reach the entire Caribbean-American community and we need your help! The Amour Creole Affiliate Program is a way to earn commission by gaining subscriptions and we offer a hefty commission – up to $7 per subscription!

There are many ways to take advantage of the affiliate program – you can do as little or as much as you want! Affiliates can place ads and links on personal and business websites to draw in new subscribers, arrange magazine sales at a local business, set up promotional stands at concerts, parades and other events or by even knocking on doors and selling subscriptions to friends and families.
You’ll earn money every time someone purchases an Amour Creole Magazine subscription whether through your website or through a subscription card.


What is included in the affiliate membership?

You’ll receive access to the Affiliate Member Center where you can request subscription cards, digital advertisements, 3 promotional copies of the magazine, a credit card reader for your Smartphone, promotional signage and other event accessories.
You’ll also have the support of the Amour Creole Affiliate account team. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the most out of the program. If you are succeeding and happy that means we are succeeding and happy!



How much can I earn?

Affiliates can earn up to $7.00 on each eligible, paid-in-full subscription.
Here’s how the money works:

~$5 is offered to our affiliates for each new $24.97 2-year subscription generated

~$3 is offered to our affiliates for each new $14.97 1-year subscription generated

~$2 is offered to our affiliates for all renewals


We also offer bonuses to our affiliates!

~Earn an additional $25 when 25 subscriptions (1 or 2-year) are paid in full within 60 days.
~Earn an additional $75 when 50 subscriptions (1 or 2-year) are paid in full within 60 days.

~Earn an additional $200 when 100 subscriptions (1 or 2 year) are paid in full within 60 days.
This means an affiliate can easily earn $700 for selling 100 2-year subscriptions! Snag a table at the hottest concert or parade and earn that money in one sunny afternoon!

Single-Copy Sales for Small Store Owners and Other Entrepreneurs

We also offer commissions on single-copy sales for small store owners and other entrepreneurs. Single-copy sales affiliates can earn $2.50 for each copy sold if the affiliate pays Amour Creole in advance for the magazine supply. A minimum order of 10 copies (or $24.70) must be paid in full to Amour Creole in advance. Such affiliates can order magazines in multiples of ten. There is no charge for shipping.
For store owners and others wanting to sell magazine copies but not wanting to pay in advance, Amour Creole is willing to ship 10 copies at no advance cost. The affiliate would be required to pay $3.97 for each sold copy within 90 days and must ship the unsold magazines back to the Amour Creole home office within 90 days of purchase or pay $3.97 per unreturned copy. The affiliate is responsible for return shipping costs. This affiliate would earn $1 per sold issue.




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