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Kick up Valentine’s Day with these tricks

By Vania Andre

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Couples all over are thinking of ways they can spice up the romance between them and their loved ones. Interestingly, the essential ingredients to kick up your love life can sometimes be found in your home.


Here are a few tips to getting you in that Valentine’s mood, keeping you in the mood (and even a tip to hide the evidence of your spicy night).


Although getting a hickey is fun, the evidence in the aftermath is not so fun, especially if you need to wake up for work the next morning. There aren’t any instant cures to clearing up a hickey, but toothpaste will speed up the healing. Rubbing a bit of toothpaste on your hickey will hide the redness.


Vanilla Extract
For centuries, vanilla has been considered an aphrodisiac. Dab a few drops of vanilla extract behind your ear to bring that special person a little closer.


Premature ejaculation can be a disappointing experience for you and your partner. Applying a small amount of orajel to an erection will prevent that embarrassing moment. The active ingredient, benzocaine, is used for numbing. In orajel, there are lower doses of benzocaine, which will decrease sensitivity and prolong an erection.


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